Bol Kaffara Kya Hoga (Hindi)

Bol Kaffara Kya Hoga (Hindi) सात फेरो से बंधा जन्मो का ये बंधनप्यार से जोड़ा है रब ने प्रीत का दामनहै नई रस्में नई कसमें नई उलझनहोंठ हैं खामोश लेकिन कह रही धड़कनतेरे नाम के हर्फ की तस्बीह कोसांसों के गले का हार कियादुनिया भूली और सिर्फ तुझेहां सिर्फ तुझे ही प्यार कियातुम जीत गए … Read more

Crazy Girl

Your mom is great, what did she made like cream on milk skiny skiny, bang bang skiny wrist light your fire like a match I International (Yeh) My song on local You are sexy, rest is so-so I am your kaka, you are my ko-ko How hot are you? what flour do you eat ? … Read more

Iam a disco dancer

i am disco danceri am disco danceri am disco dancermy song is lifeI’m in love with someonedance… dancecome dance… sing with mei am disco danceri am disco dancer These people say I used to sing even thenWhen the words were not known…These feet are mine, even then they used to danceWhen I could not walk…Lyrics … Read more

A Cup of Tea

Have a cup of steaming tea Who will be the one to sip with glee? No matter your color, be it white or black, Just hold me close, there’s nothing I lack. No pain when you’re by my side, Tararum Pumpum, Tararum Pumpum, Tararum Pumpum. Chipakapum, chipakapum, Tararum Pumpum, I’ll venture out in the morning … Read more