Wasted Lyrics

Wasted Lyrics

I’m Drinkin’ Ha-Ha-Ha

I’m So Wasted Hooo

I’ve Had 3 Shots Of JD

And 4 Rounds Of Gin

Some Jägermeister In My Belly

I’ma About To Win

Im Freaking Drunk Ha-Ha-Ha

I’m So Wasted Hooo

Tequila In The Glass

Lime & Salt In The Hand

Just Put In Your System

You’re The Strongest Man

Aa Aa Aa Aaaaa…

I’m Sober Now

No Thats A Lie

I’m So Wasted, Yeah

I See Colours In The Sky

My Head Is Spinning Round

Somebody Help Me Now

I’m Falling To The Ground

I’m Freakin’ Drunk, Oh No

I’m So Wasted

Seek My Order

I Wanna Last Shot Of Whiskey

And A Beer To Cease

Take That Absin Pour It

All Over My Face Yeah

Aa Aa Aa Aaaaa…